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1. If the staff member does not seem to be aware of a need to learn, which approach might most effectively help that person identify a personal learning need?
  A) Tell the person that he needs to learn this particular information or his job may be in jeopardy.
  B) Initiate a conversation about the problem that the staff person is encountering that the learning could help to solve.
  C) Explain why this information is important because then he will want to learn it.
  D) Arrange for the person to attend an appropriate class and then tell him when the class will be held.



2. You will be evaluating the ability of the staff to program the new tube-feeding pump. What would be the best method of evaluating their performance?
  A) Providing a written test of the procedure
  B) Discussing the process with each staff member
  C) Observing each staff member program the pump
  D) Asking them to evaluate one another



3. You want the staff on the unit to develop a more sensitive approach to persons from different cultures. With which type of learning will you be involved?
  A) Affective
  B) Behavior modification
  C) Cognitive
  D) Psychomotor



4. Margaret must present a new plan to a group of employees. Which of the following should she remember with regard to group communications?
  A) Group communications are less complex because the number of participants increases.
  B) The delivery style makes little difference when addressing a group.
  C) Group communications are enhanced when the leader has a good understanding of group dynamics.
  D) When addressing a group, it is critical that you always have your comments written out beforehand so that you can be certain that the message you deliver is clear.



5. Your colleague, who is an RN, says, “I need to do some shopping at lunchtime. Would you cover for me if I am late getting back?” The unit is full and you have several high-acuity patients and don’t feel that you have the time. The best response is:
  A) “I’m really busy. Could you hurry back as quickly as possible?”
  B) “I’m sorry, but my assignment doesn’t allow me the time to be able to do that.”
  C) “It really isn’t fair for you to ask me that when we are so busy. That is really inconsiderate.”
  D) “No, you really need to learn to do your own work.”



6. Which of the following will be most helpful in verifying that the message you sent has been correctly perceived?
  A) Ask, “Do you understand what I mean?”
  B) Ask, “Can you tell me what I have just asked you to do?”
  C) State, “If you have questions, let me know.”
  D) Wait and see what actions are taken and correct them if necessary.



7. Learning the appropriate outcomes for a new care pathway is _________ learning.



8. Jacob has just been promoted to charge nurse. He is eager to build a responsive team. What behavior represents one of the best ways to encourage people?
  A) Assertiveness
  B) Setting goals for the unit
  C) Authoritarianism
  D) Rewarding positive behaviors



9. Being ____________is a behavior that will assist you in motivating, coaching, and team building.



10. It is very important to Alice that she is promoted to charge nurse within 2 years of completing her nursing education and that she is successful in this role. Which of McClelland’s motivators is she demonstrating? (Mark all that apply.)
  A) Achievement
  B) Power
  C) Assertiveness
  D) Goal setting
  E) Affiliation



11. John is seeking a nursing position and is very interested in the organizational policies, work conditions, interpersonal relationships, salaries, and job security of prospective employment agencies. What aspect of Herzberg’s theory is he considering?
  A) Satisfiers
  B) The environmental factors
  C) Motivators
  D) The hygiene factors



12. When communicating via e-mail what guidelines should you observe? (Mark all that apply.)
  A) Be specific, positive and reasonable.
  B) Be sincere, courteous, and tactful.
  C) Consider whether the message should be formal, informal, or conversational
  D) Complete sentences written in active voice communicate most clearly.
  E) Avoid the use of all small case letters.



13. You have planned a short in-service class to assist members of your staff in completing the new discharge forms correctly. When is the best time to hold this class?
  A) At the beginning of the shift when people are fresh
  B) At the end of the shift when people have most of their work done
  C) After lunch because that is the calmest time on day shift
  D) When the staff believes that it will work best for them



14. You will be planning a way to assist the nurses in their ability to identify alternatives when faced with patient care problems. Which would be the best way to help them achieve this goal?
  A) Have them read articles about problem solving
  B) Tell them about successful problem solving you have done
  C) Provide them with problem situations and have them work in small groups to identify solutions
  D) Provide videos of how to carry out care for specific patient problems



15. You have a new nursing assistant on your long-term care unit. She is 18 years old, and this is her first full-time position since high-school graduation. She just finished her nursing assistant training program. What factor will be most prominent in this person’s approach to learning?
  A) Whether she perceives the learning as meaningful
  B) Whether she has resolved her adolescent parental conflicts
  C) How successful she was in high school
  D) What her major interests are



16. Mary wants to build a strong team among the group of individuals for whom she is the evening charge nurse. What is one important action she should take to realize this goal?
  A) Bring cookies to their team meeting sessions.
  B) Identify individuals she thinks will not be good team members and ask to have them transferred to another unit.
  C) Begin support classes with the weaker members of the team.
  D) Actively listen to them.



17. George is a night charge nurse in a busy emergency department. He knows that one aspect of his position is to coach the staff he supervises. How would George coach his staff?
  A) Push them to decrease productivity
  B) Assume a laissez-faire management approach
  C) Provide opportunities for the staff to learn
  D) Discourage social interactions outside of work



18. The new manager of the outpatient surgery department is interested in creating a climate for learning on her unit. How would she do this?
  A) Make assignments that foster independent work
  B) Set unit goals without staff input
  C) Make positive comments about staff work in private.
  D) Encourage staff to work together as a team



19. One of the assumptions that every manager must know about adult learning is that learning is_________________.



20. When planning an educational event for the staff on a med-surg unit, the manager provided the staff with a list of goals and objectives for the event. Which of the following objectives includes a standard by which to measure the outcome?
  A) The nursing assistant transfers patients correctly.
  B) The licensed practical nurse uses the medication administration record correctly.
  C) The staff nurse writes appropriate care plans on all residents.
  D) The nursing assistant reports all abnormal vital signs within 30 minutes of obtaining them.




Answer Key


1. B
2. C
3. A
4. C
5. B
6. B
7. Cognitive
8. D
9. Trustworthy
10. A, B, E
11. D
12. A, B, C, D
13. D
14. C
15. A
16. D
17. C
18. D
19. Independent
20. D


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