Chapter 6 The Skeletal System: Bone Tissue


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Chapter 6  The Skeletal System: Bone Tissue



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List and briefly describe the six main functions of the skeletal system.
The skeletal system is used for support for the soft tissues of the body and as attachment sites for tendons of most skeletal muscles. The skeletal system also functions in protection for the internal organs. The skeletal system assists in movement working together with the muscle system. Skeletal system aids in mineral homeostasis by storing several minerals and releasing them into the bloodstream on demand. Within some bones is red bone marrow that produces all blood cells. Bones are also a storage site for triglycerides throughout the body.

Difficulty:  medium

Which of the following cell types is primarily responsible for breaking down osseous (bony) matrix?

A) osteoblast B) osteocyte C) chondroclast D) osteoclast E) chondrocyte

Ans:  D Difficulty:  medium

What is the basic unit of compact bone tissue?

A) osteon B) stroma C) lamellae D) chromosome E) lacunae

Ans:  A Difficulty:  easy

Spongy bone lacks

A) Lamellae B) Lacunae C) Osteocytes D) Osteons E) Blood

Ans:  D Difficulty:  medium

Which type of bone is the femur?
Long bone
Irregular bone
Short bone
Sesamoid bone
Flat bone


Ans:  A Difficulty:  medium

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