Chapter 5 The Integumentary System


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Chapter 5  The Integumentary System



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions


contracted is called the:

  1. A)  spinous folliculi D) pili folliculi
  2. B)  arrector pili E) pili folliculus spinous
  3. C)  arrector ceruminae

    Ans: B Difficulty: easy

    2. ___________ are the most abundant type of cell found in the epidermis.

  1. A)  Melanocytes D) Langerhan’s cells
  2. B)  Keratinocytes E) Lymphocytes
  3. C)  Merkel cells

Ans: B Difficulty: easy

3. Which of the following receptors is best suited for pressure reception in the skin?

A) Meissner’s corpuscles D) Langerhans cells
B) Pacinian corpuscles E) Root hair plexuses
C) Merkel discs

Ans: B Difficulty: easy

4. The __________ layer of the dermis is composed of dense irregular connective tissue.

A) Reticular B) Papillary C) Epithelial D) Superficial E) Keratinized
Ans: A Difficulty: medium

5. Which layer of the epidermis is the most mitotically active (rapidly dividing)?

A) Stratum granulosum
B) Stratum basale
C) Stratum corneum                                                                                                                                 D) Stratum lucidum, but only in thick skin                                                                                                E) Stratum spinosum

Ans: B Difficulty: easy

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