Chapter 1 An Introduction to the Human Body


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Chapter 1  An Introduction to the Human Body



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions



1. The spleen, thymus, and tonsils are all organs that function within the:

  1. A)  Urinary system D) Lymphatic system
  2. B)  Digestive system E) Cardiovascular system
  3. C)  Endocrine system

    Ans: D Difficulty: easy
    2. Which of the following statements best describes the location of this bone anatomically?

  1. A)  It is proximal to the carpal region and inferior to the manual region.
  2. B)  It is the lateral bone of the antebrachium.
  3. C)  It is located in the crural region.
  4. D)  It is inferior to the femoral region and superior to the tarsal region.
  5. E)  It is distal to the antecubital region, and is the medial bone of the crural region.

    Ans: B Difficulty: medium


Chapter 1: An Introduction to the Human Body

3. A good example of a positive feedback mechanism would be:

  1. A)  Enhancement of labor contraction by oxytocin
  2. B)  Blood calcium regulation
  3. C)  Blood pressure regulation
  4. D)  Blood glucose regulation
  5. E)  Body temperature regulation

    Ans: A Difficulty: medium
    4. Along which of the following body planes has this section been made?

    A) Oblique B) Frontal C) Sagittal D) Coronal E)

    Transverse Ans: C Difficulty: medium

  1. Which of the following anatomical terms best describes the indicated region?

    A) Popliteal B) Mental C) Crural D) Olecranal E)

    Occipital Ans: D Difficulty: medium

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