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Chapter 5

The Diffusion of Technology

Short Answers

  1. What did Samuel Slater accomplish after he immigrated to America? What does he exemplify? p. 83
  2. Who are some of the immigrants that contributed to technological advancement in the United States and what did they accomplish? p. 84
  3. Describe how gunpowder was modified as the technology traveled across the world. p. 87
  4. What is the difference between uncertainty and risk? pp. 94
  5. What is the “NIH syndrome”? What are its causes? pp. 94-95
  6. What is an example of an effort to restrict the diffusion of technology? p. 95-96
  7. What is the linguistic root of the word “patent”? What are the implications of this term regarding what it means to “patent” an invention? p. 96
  8. Who was George B. Selden? p. 97

Essay Questions

  1. Compare and contrast the cultures of dynastic China and early modern Europe in adopting innovations that originated in other places. How did those attitudes affect the economy? pp. 82-83
  2. Why is copying a technology that originated elsewhere often a difficult process? p. 86
  3. What lessons can be extracted from the story of how the Japanese learned how to make steel in the 19th century? p. 88-89
  4. What problems of economic development does the appropriate technology movement hope to solve or at least ameliorate? pp. 89-92
  5. Describe the process of “translation” in the early development of radio. pp. 93




Chapter 14

The Internet Age

Short Answers

  1. What was ARPANET? What were its intended purposes? How did its actual use differ from what was intended? pp. 275-276
  2. Who is Tim Berners-Lee? p. 276
  3. What is meant by “net neutrality”? What are its challenges? p. 283
  4. What is the “network effect”? p. 277-279
  5. What is meant by the “digital divide”? Where is it most evident? p. 284
  6. In regard to internet access, what is a “walled garden”? How does being inside it affect smart phone users? pp. 283-284
  7. What is meant by “intellectual property”? Why is it an important issue today? pp. 287-290

Essay Questions

  1. How has communication through electronic media affected traditional face-to-face communications? In framing your answer be sure to invoke current and historical data. p. 277-279
  2. What role did new means of communication play during the Arab Spring in 2011? What were its strengths and limitations? pp. 281-282
  3. What is file sharing? How does it embody some of the key issues that often accompany new technologies? p. 287
  4. How have new technologies challenged traditional notions of privacy? What, if anything, can be done about it? pp. 290-291
  5. Many observers of current society have observed that our nation has become politically and culturally polarized to an increasing degree. How has technological change contributed to this phenomenon? Is it the sole reason for polarization? p. 292

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