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Chapter 5

  1. ______________methods seek to build a systematic understanding of a culture from the viewpoint of the insider:

*a. ethnographic

  1. qualitative
  2. interview
  3. questionnaire


  1. The role of the researcher in the __________ is to act as the moderator:
  2. experiment
  3. interview

*c. focus group

  1. questionnaire


  1. ‘Through a process of abduction the researcher begins to develop certain theoretical hypotheses. These hypotheses are then integrated into a tentative theoretical model that is tested as more data is collected.’ This refers to:
  2. historical analysis

*b. grounded theory analysis

  1. interpretative phenomenological analysis
  2. meta-analysis


  1. These designs involve measuring responses of a single sample on more than one occasion:
  2. cross-sectional
  3. experimentation

*c. longitudinal

  1. cross-over


  1. The ability of a study to find a statistically significant effect when a genuine effect exists is called:

*a. power

  1. prediction
  2. probability
  3. performance


  1. Lack of ___________ has been a bone of contention in many areas of psychology, including health psychology:
  2. hypotheses
  3. predictions

*c. replication

  1. models


  1. A systematic method for determining how a sample of participants respond to a set of standard questions attempting to assess their feelings, attitudes, beliefs or knowledge at one or more times is called a:
  2. auestionnaire
  3. interview
  4. study

*d. survey


  1. In a survey the investigator must be cautious that the procedures do not generate any:

*a. self-fulfilling prophecies

  1. ruffled feathers
  2. unanswered questions
  3. questions


  1. A way of integrating research that aims to limit bias is called a:
  2. narrative review

*b. systematic review

  1. literature review
  2. wholistic review


  1. A method of classifying items that has a systematic structure or organization of classification is called a:
  2. list
  3. narrative

*c. taxonomy

  1. classification


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