Chapter 9 Joints


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Chapter 9  Joints



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions


This type of joint is held together by fibrous connective tissue.
A) Fibrous joint

B) Cartilaginous joint

C) Synovial joint
D) Both fibrous and cartilaginous joints
E) All of the above

Ans:  A Difficulty:  Easy

Which of the following factors is FALSE regarding the stability of the “hip” joint?
The articular capsule is very dense and strong tissue that extends from the rim of the acetabulum to the neck of the femur.
The acetabular labrum is a rim of fibrocartilage that increases the depth of the socket, thus making dislocation rare.
Several strong reinforcing ligaments include the iliofemoral and ischiofemoral ligaments, which are made of dense regular connective tissue and provide support to the joint.
The hip joint is formed by the extremely stable articulation of the femur to the coxal bone via a cartilaginous joint consisting of hyaline cartilage.
Several large muscles cross the joint and contribute to its stability.

Ans:  D Difficulty:  medium

Synovial membranes are found lining the cavities of synovial joints, and are made of areolar connective tissue and simple squamous epithelium.

Ans:  False Difficulty:  medium

Which of the following synovial structural sub-classifications best describes the joint found between your carpal bone and the metacarpal of your thumb?

A) Condyloid B) Plane C) Hinge D) Saddle E) Symphysis

Ans:  D Difficulty:  medium

Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding the medial meniscus of the knee joint?
It is made of elastic cartilage.
It has a ligamentous attachment to the fibula.
It is firmly attached to the tibial collateral ligament.
It is easily healed if injured.
It is firmly attached to the femoral condyles.

Ans:  C Difficulty:  medium

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