Chapter 4 Tissues


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Chapter 4  Tissues



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions



1. Which of the following tissues is always avascular?

  1. A)  connective tissue D) epithelial tissue
  2. B)  muscle tissue E) nervous tissue
  3. C)  skeletal tissue

    Ans: D Difficulty: Medium
    2. A scientist who examines tissue changes that might indicate disease is called a

  1. A)  histologist.
  2. B)  radiologist.
  3. C)  pathologist.

    Ans: C Difficulty: Easy

    3. The tissue lining body cavities is

  1. A)  epithelial tissue.
  2. B)  connective tissue.
  3. C)  skeletal tissue.

    Ans: A Difficulty: Medium

D) epidemologist E) endocrinologist.

D) muscle tissue. E) nervous tissue.

4. A type of epithelial tissue containing cells that can change shapes as the tissue stretches is called

  1. A)  simple columnar epithelium. D) stratified cuboidal epithelium.
  2. B)  pseudostratified epithelium. E) squamous epithelium.
  3. C)  transitional epithelium.

    Ans: C Difficulty: Medium

    5. Goblet cells are found in which of the following tissues?

  1. A)  nervous tissue D) connective tissue
  2. B)  columnar epithelium E) none of the above
  3. C)  cuboidal epithelium

    Ans: B Difficulty: Medium

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