Chapter 13 The Central Nervous System


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Chapter 13  The Central Nervous System



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions


1. Which of the three spinal meninges is the most superficial?

  1. A)  Arachnoid mater D) Pia mater
  2. B)  Dura mater E) Epi mater
  3. C)  Menix mater

    Ans: B Difficulty: medium
    2. Which of the sites in the brain listed below contains cerebrospinal fluid?

  1. A)  Epidural space D)
  2. B)  Subarachnoid space E)
  3. C)  Dural space

    Ans: B Difficulty: medium

Meninx Pia mater

3. Denticulate ligaments are thickenings of :

  1. A)  Arachnoid mater D) Interstitial fluid
  2. B)  Pia mater E) Subdural space
  3. C)  Dura mater

    Ans: B Difficulty: medium

    4. Briefly explain why the spinal cord is shorter than the vertebral column in an adult?

Ans: During early childhood, both the spinal cord and the vertebral column grow longer as part of overall body growth. Around age 4 or 5, however, elongation of the spinal cord stops. Because the vertebral column continues to elongate, the spinal cord does not extend the entire length of the adult vertebral column.

Difficulty: medium

5. The structure that supplies nerves to and from the lower extremities is the.

  1. A)  lumbar enlargement D) spinal nerve 12
  2. B)  filum terminale E) cervical enlargement
  3. C)  cauda equine

    Ans: A Difficulty: medium

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