Chapter 11 The Muscular System


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Chapter 11  The Muscular System



Complete Chapter Questions And Answers

Sample Questions


1. Most muscles cross at least one
A) tendon

B) joint

C) bone

D) ligament

E) body plane

Ans: B Difficulty: easy

2. The attachment of a muscle’s tendon to the stationary bone is called the __________; the attachment of the muscle’s other tendon to the movable bone is called __________.
A) origin, action

B) insertion, action

C) origin, insertion

D) insertion, origin

Ans: C Difficulty: easy

3. This is an inflammation of the synovial membrane surrounding a joint.

A) tenosynovitis

B) tendonitis

C) synovitis

D) tendon inflammation

E) capsule inflammation

Ans: A Difficulty: medium

4. A lever is acted on at two different points by two different forces which are

  1. A)  fulcrum and resistance D) effort and load
  2. B)  leverage and load E) lever and effort
  3. C)  lever and resistance

    Ans: D Difficulty: medium

    5. Motion will occur in a muscle when the ______ supplied exceeds the _______.

  1. A)  effort, load D) load, resistance
  2. B)  resistance, lever E) lever, effort
  3. C)  load, effort

    Ans: A Difficulty: medium

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