Chapter 01 Concepts Basic to Perioperative Nursing


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Chapter 01  Concepts Basic to Perioperative Nursing



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1. The Perioperative Patient Focused Model presents key components of nursing influence that guide patient care. Select the statement that best describes the dynamic relationship within the model.

  1. The patient experience and the nursing presence are in continuous interaction.
  2. Structure, process, and outcome are the foundation domains of the model.
  3. The perioperative nurse is the central dynamic core of the model.
  4. The interrelated nursing process rings bind the patient to the model.

The Perioperative Patient Focused Model consists of domains or areas of nursing concern: nursing diagnoses, nursing interventions, and patient outcomes. These domains are in continuous interaction with the health system that encircles the focus of perioperative nursing practice—the patient.

REF: Pages 2-3

2. AORN’s Standards of Perioperative Nursing Practice that describe nursing interactions, interventions, and activities with patients fall under which standards category?
a. Evidence-based
b. Process

c. Outcome d. Structural

Process standards relate to nursing activities, interventions, and interactions. They are used to explicate clinical, professional, and quality objectives in perioperative nursing.

REF: Page 4

3. Which order best describes the process used to implement evidence-based professional nursing?

  1. Literature search, theory review, data analysis, policy development
  2. Regional survey, literature search, meta-analysis, practice change
  3. Identify problem, scientific evidence, develop policy, evaluate outcome
  4. Identify issue, analyze scientific evidence, implement change, evaluate process

Evidence-based practice is a systematic, thorough process by which to identify an issue, to collect and evaluate the best evidence to design and implement a practice change, and to evaluate the process.

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Test Bank 1-2

REF: Page 12

4. The ambulatory surgery unit is planning to develop a standardized skin preparation practice for their unit. The best process to gather scientific information is to:

  1. conduct a survey of skin prep policies at the next AORN chapter meeting.
  2. review their surgical site infection data from the last 6 months.
  3. conduct a literature search on antimicrobial agents and infection prevention.
  4. review the scientific literature from the leading manufacturers of prep solutions.

Perioperative nurses have an ethical responsibility to review practices and to modify them, based upon the best available scientific evidence, using research and other forms of high-quality evidence to guide practice.

REF: Page 12

5. The cardiac team is developing a standardized sterile back table setup and is unable to find sufficient research evidence for their project. Where might they look for information on best practices?

  1. Survey regional facilities that perform cardiac surgery for their back table models.
  2. Review case studies and expert opinions on sterile back table setups.
  3. Review AORN’s recommended practice on creating the sterile field.
  4. All of the options are correct.

When there is not enough evidence to guide practice, perioperative nurses should consider gathering information from varied trusted sources that reflect best practices.

REF: Pages 13-14

6. How do institutional standards of care, such as policies and procedures, differ from national standards, such as AORN’s Standards of Perioperative Nursing Practice?

  1. They are written by nurses.
  2. They are written specifically to address responsibilities and circumstances.
  3. They are collaborative and collective agreement statements.
  4. They are rarely based on research.

Institutional standards apply to the system or facility that develops them and can be directive about specific actions in specific circumstances; national standards provide generalized authoritative statements that can be implemented in all settings.

REF: Pages 3, 12

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